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This community was created in 2014 as a laid back gaming environment.
We want to give you a place to feel free and make new friends. If you are looking to
learn more about our community please feel free to message or join our Teamspeak
server and speak with one of our staff members for more in depth history. Don't forget
to obey our rules and most importantly, don't forget to have fun.


Official CS 1.6 Servers

Join our official Counter-Strike 1.6 server CS.LIMITCS.RO
This server is a Classic/CSGO Mode and a fun one aswell. Join now if you
dare and show us that you have skill and enter our top 10 best players.


Official Steam Group

Join our official Steam Group Page.Here we will post official announcements,
events and future giveaways. We want to have a big family so don't forget
to invite your friends in our big family.


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Join our official Gametracker Page.Here we will post official announcements,
events and future giveaways. We want to have a big family so don't forget
to invite your friends in our big family.


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